Wayne and Bethany are entrepreneurs in Bothell, WA. Wayne has a technology background and Bethany had a master’s degree in teaching, they both had a passion for health, fitness and leadership. Their first start up in 2003 created a unique fitness system and allowed them to teach entrepreneurial leadership to a network of 25,000+ distributors in their organization. They discovered this way of impacting people’s lives was their true purpose. They were able to grow that business to over $700+ million is total sales over the next 16 years, and helped 1,000’s of distributors earn millions in commissions.



They have coached a broad group of individuals from professional athletes, busy executives, to stay-at-home moms with their fitness lifestyle. This fitness system, combined with their leadership has allowed many people to enjoy life at their highest level.



Today Wayne & Bethany serve as a private business coaches. They consult individuals looking for balance or purpose, to busy executives who feel stagnant and companies that need a fresh vision and the right questions asked.


Wayne and Bethany have 6 kids they are raising together. They are active in several organizations in various leadership and board positions. You can often find Wayne and Bethany on their boat wake surfing in the summer, or skiing in the mountains in the winter, and in between helping coach their kids in sports and life.