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Sharing a little Monday morning Mo-Jo for you to start your week! Bethany Johnson and I have been reading this book “People over Profit” and it’s been rocking us with truth and reflection. One key part I want to share just aligns with who we are, and we see others who soar embrace these principles in their lives.

The book talks about a huge study on leaders and organizations that fly above the rest. They share a common “7 core beliefs”. Do these seem familiar? Are you running your business and life with these? If not, I know you can and watch what it does for you….

1. People Matter
2. Truth Wins
3. Transparency Frees
4. Authenticity Attracts
5. Quality Speaks
6. Generosity Rules
7. Courage Sustains

When I read those, I can think of countless leaders in this group who model this and am so grateful to be doing life with them. Embrace these and join us….People over Profit!

Just for fun, who on your team reflects these beliefs?

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