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“I Get to…” is one phrase I continually work to make a Dominant Thought in my mind.

I have learned whatever my dominant thought is, my actions will soon follow.  One of my favorite past times is wake surfing.  Which we do as often as we can in the gaps of our schedule between our business and parenting duties.  The thing about wake surfing (like most sports), you better focus in and have a dominant thought while doing this activity or you will soon find yourself wiped out.  Life is the same.  We must master some dominant thoughts to achieve a goal and live life on purpose.

“I Get to…”

So many times I have said, or I hear people say “I have to….” when describing something they need to get done or a task that needs to get completed.  When I realized what a negative “I have to” really sounds like, I began training myself to eliminate that thought and change it to “I Get to”.  This one small shift of thought and speech creates a gratefulness in me.  I speak more about every activity being a privilege instead of a chore. It changes the environment around me as if I were a thermostat instead of a thermometer.  People are attracted to positive outlooks.  People want to be friends with people who see the best in things.

What do you Get to do today?  Who do you Get to meet with today?  What do you Get to work on today?

Let’s all have a “Get to” spirit and go impact some people around us.

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